News Team


Tygra de Mello

Evening Anchor

Tygra is the prime-time anchor for WOAY. She went to the desk starting the summer of 2023.

Brandy Lawrence

Morning Anchor

Brandy is WOAY's morning anchor. She joined the desk starting in December of 2022.

Serena Davanzo

Weekend Anchor

Serena currently serves as weekend anchor. She joined the team in July 2023.


Chad Merrill

Chief Meteorologist

Chad is the Stormwatch Chief Meteorologist. He started in March 2023.

Brianna Mowery

Morning Meteorologist

Brianna joined the Stormwatch team in July of 2022. She is the current morning meteorologist.

Braden Petry


Braden Petry joined the Stormwatch team in February 2022. He is currently the weekend meteorologist.


Kayvon Ezami

Sports Director

Kayvon joined the Newswatch team in December 2022. He was promoted to sports director in June 2023.


Jillian Risberg


Jillian joined the Newswatch team in July 2023. She is a multimedia journalist.


Caleb Pearl

Evening Technical Director

Caleb Pearl brings extensive experience to the role of evening technical director. He started his television career at WOAY-TV and has worked at stations around the country.

Micah Leith

Assistant News Director

Micah first joined the Newswatch team in December 2022. He assumed the role of assistant news director in June 2023.

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