Virtual school update for Wyoming County

PINEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – Despite some issues, some schools in the state will continue to use virtual learning along with in-person instruction.

It was concluded that virtual schooling is not beneficial for many students due to not having the consistent, live instruction and engagement they were missing while at home. The Wyoming County Board of Education has made the decision to continue the virtual West Virginia Learns platform in addition to returning to in-person schooling. However, because many students need extra help with the virtual curriculum, the county is making accommodations to help them.

“Wyoming County has hired additional facilitators to help monitor our students and to help encourage our students that are in West Virginia virtual school to maintain good progress and to make sure they are submitting their assignments on time,” says Kara Mitchell, Administrator for Curriculum and Instruction for Wyoming County Schools. “They also work with the students in the event they are having any technical difficulties. So, we stand ready to try to support them through those navigations in virtual learning.”

The number of students registered for the virtual platform has significantly decreased, starting with around eight hundred students the first semester and now down to only around three hundred this semester.

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