Third annual Save a Life Day supports Raleigh County

They were out in full force across Raleigh County with the lifesaving medication Naloxone.

It’s the third annual Save a Life Day for the Raleigh County Prevention Coalition and increased each year. In 2023 now there are 14 Raleigh County sites organized by Dominique Marcus.

“It’s very important to us because at this point we can outreach safely in the community, and many community partners and businesses are supporting us,” said Amanda Hammons, Family Options Inc. peer coach and chair of the Coalition. “It’s breaking stigma and breaking stigma and educating saves lives.”

The drug epidemic has ravaged the state of West Virginia, tearing apart families. It’s more important than ever to be part of the change. With Save a Life Day you can save a life.

Coalition lead Marcus was once in active substance use and now she’s in long-term recovery. She says save a life day can help, just seeing faces out there who’ve been through it. She’s hoping to connect with as many people as they possibly can and give away all their Naloxone.

“You never know what could happen. It could be a grandkid getting into medication or it could be a neighbor or could be an elderly person and so they would need that lifesaving device,” she said. “I think it should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet.”

Sharee Woodson opened up his small business to Save a Life Day because it means so much to him to support the cause of ‘End Overdose.’

“It’s all about saving lives and helping people, and this is the community I grew up in,” said Woodson, owner of JR’s Auto Appearance. “Whatever you need to do to save your own life they’re here to help you and you just need to put forth the effort. There’s people out here that care about you.”

You are not alone — Amanda says there is opportunity to get out of addiction at any stage, no matter where you’re at in life. She speaks to that personally — at one point not having anything but a tent.

“We’re here for you; you can reach out to these faces at any time,” Hammons said, of herself and Marcus.

Every life is worth something.

“There’s no lost causes,” said Marcus. “If you’re still breathing, there’s still a chance.”

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