Sticking with your new year Resolution

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – We’re officially ten days into the new year and hoping that many of you are still sticking with those new year resolutions. A huge goal for the new year involves getting into the gym for many. It can be intimidating but there are so many ways besides hitting those weights and treadmills to get in shape. Yoga, for instance, is a great way to stay in shape and classes keep you motivated.

“After you set a really lofty goal sometimes our goals are much too large and we cant find a wait to tackle them. So breaking that resolution down in smaller parts. For example, replacing your sugary soda with sparkling water. After that becomes a habit then find the next little thing to do to be on a healthier path,” said Owner of Balanced Life Studio Dewana Waters.

Balanced Life Studio is offering a $20 special for 2-week of unlimited classes. For more information about pricing, class schedule and training sessions with Personal Trainer Megan Clackler visited Balance Life Studio located 3159 Robert C Byrd Drive.

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