Search for vandalism culprits underway in Fayette County

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – The Fayette County Sheriff’s department has issued a press release stating that it is investigating vandalism complaints between Adena Village and Montgomery.

Several sources have called into the Sheriff’s department to report incidences of vandalism. The department is looking into these complaints throughout the county.

“We received calls anywhere from 13-14 different individuals,” said Fayette County Sheriff Mike Fridley. “Citizens of the county said that persons unknown has spray-painted different things on homes, vehicles and other properties.”

The overpass in Adena Village is one spot that got hit with vandalism. The Sheriff’s department is talking to neighbors and citizens in the area to find out if they’ve seen anything.

“We’re just asking for their help to get a break in this so we can bring justice to this,” Fridley said. “Now, we don’t know if they’re male, female. We don’t know if they’re adults, we don’t know if they’re juveniles. We don’t know at this time, but again we’re working on some leads and whoever it is, they’ll be charged through the law of what they can be charged with.”

The department is looking for any leads or tips that can help broaden the investigation. Fridley asks that anyone who might have seen anything let the department know as soon as possible.

“A year ago, the county commission also enabled us, through the prosecutor’s office on crimes, to give rewards out,” Fridley said. “This is one of the rewards that could be really useful because there’s a lot of damage done to a lot of homes and vehicles. If you see something, say something, call us. Help us solve this crime.”

If you have information about this incident, you can contact the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department via phone or Facebook.

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