Raleigh County resident searches for late father’s lost guitar

SHADY SPRING, WV (WOAY) – A Raleigh County resident has been on a long quest trying to find his late father’s guitar. After searching for three years, he is now asking the community for help.

Isiac Mcallister has been searching for years for a sentimental family heirloom: his late father’s guitar. Mcallister has spent the last three years calling pawn shops and music stores in West Virginia and still has no idea where the guitar might be. 

“He loved playing the guitar and I wished I would’ve picked it up sooner, I never did, but it would mean the world to me if I could play my father’s guitar,” Mcallister said. 

Since his search, Mcallister has had no solid leads except for his mother’s ex-boyfriend Josh Chapman. In 2018, Mcallister’s late father’s belongings were in Mcallister’s mother’s possession and the guitar was believed to have been sold by Chapman, in exchange for drugs. 

“I went to his house one day and questioned him pretty hard about it. I think he could barely understand what I was asking him, but he bought me some guitar that wasn’t even close to the guitar and said that it was never there,” he said. 

Mcallister said the guitar has been with his father longer than he has been alive and if he ever saw the guitar again and he would instantly know if it was his father’s because of all the famous signatures.  

“It’s a Martin dreadnought, it was probably made in the 90s sometime between 1994 -1997,” he said. 

Although the search has been long, Mcallister says he is not giving up. In Mcallister’s recent attempt to locate his father’s prized possession, he is now turning to the community for help. 

“I honestly don’t have very much of anything of his hat and a whiskey flask. To get his guitar something that meant almost as I did to him would mean a lot to me,” he said

The guitar is a tan, Martin dreadnought and is covered with famous signatures like Mike Bing, John Prime, White Rice, Tony Rice, Everett Lilly, Dave Sweet, Ronda Vincent, Sam Bush and more. If you have any information regarding the missing guitar, you can contact Isiac Mcallister on his Facebook account.

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