New River Health celebrates year anniversary in Oak Hill

It was a big day for New River Health… they celebrated one year in Oak Hill and thanked the community for 45 years and counting.

“It has medical, behavioral health, dental, MAT services, a pharmacy, chiropractic, pulmonary rehab. We have visiting clinicians coming,” said chief medical officer Angela Barker.

“We have LabCorp here and we have Body Works. We can take care of you from zero to 100 plus.”

This is the inside of your colon – New River Health is celebrating one year in Oak Hill and you can count on this one-stop-shop for all your healthcare needs.

The building where New River Health now sits had been abandoned for some 15 years and their CEO decided to see if they could buy it. They have 50,000 square feet for the clinic space.

“We were spread out all over the county — and now we are in one centralized location right off of Route 19, public bus runs through here,” Barker said. “So it’s highly accessible for the public to access medical services in a rural area.”

With domestic violence on the rise and prevalent around Fayette County and beyond… vendor Belinda Hopkins of AWAY (formerly the Women’s Resource Center) finds it incredibly concerning.

“Not just females, it’s males as well — it has no respect to age, we have a lot of elder abuse,” said the domestic violence victim advocate. “Foster children are affected by domestic violence as well.”

Hopkins says if you witness a public argument, shoving or pushing and threats being made… someone should call 911. Don’t be silent.

“Break the silence,” she said. “Say no more violence and see something, say something. At least try to offer assistance in some type of way.”

According to New River’s chief medical officer, they’re so excited to offer this state-of-the-art facility to the community. They take all types of insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid. If you do not have insurance they have a sliding scale program based on income and family size. Call 304-469-2905 and they’ll take it from there. Angela Barker knows how the patient experience needs to be.

“Optimized and make it as hassle-free as it could be for them. So they can get their teeth cleaned, they can have their medical visit, they can get their labs done, they can go to the pharmacy and then before they leave they can have a cup of coffee,” said Barker.



AWAY Fayette County outreach: 304-574-0500

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