New bill aims to double prison sentences for methamphetamine distributors

PRINCETON, WV (WOAY) – A new bill in the West Virginia Legislature, House Bill 4852, will potentially double the prison sentences for methamphetamine distributors in West Virginia from 1-5 years to 2-10 years.

George Sitler, Prosecuting Attorney for Mercer County, supports the bill and hopes to see it pass into law. He claims the bill will help reduce violent crime in Southern West Virginia.

“Methamphetamine has caused an explosion of violent crime in southern West Virginia. since the legislature has tightened up the availability of prescription narcotics, methamphetamine has moved in to fill the void. And we’ve had decapitations, we’ve had stabbings, we’ve had all sorts of violent crimes which are spawned by methamphetamine abuse.”

The bill is up for reading in the House next week.

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