Mullens restaurant continues St. Patrick’s Day tradition

MULLENS, WV (WOAY) – St. Patrick’s Day can be quiet around Mullens. But not at “The Rebel Smokehouse and Burger.”

“Not too much happens down here,” said “Rebel Smokehouse and Burger” Customer Bobby Blankenship. “[But], people get into it. They come out and have fun, stuff like that.”

Despite limitations this year due to COVID-19, Rebel Smokehouse is still preparing to celebrate the Irish.

“Normally, we have a St. Patrick’s Day party,” said “Rebel Smokehouse and Burger” Co-Owner Jason Mullins. “This year, because of COVID, some of the groups are a lot smaller.”

An annual St. Patrick’s tradition at Rebel Smokehouse is green beer. Now, this can come in the form of beers with flavors that happen to be green, or literal green beer.

“Here on St. Patrick’s Day, we’re always happy to hand out a green beer,” Mullins said. “We do green beer here.”

Green colored beer isn’t your taste? You’re not alone. Lucky for you, there’s no shortage of other options to put you in the holiday spirit.

“A lot of folks come in, St. Patrick’s Day, and have one of many things that are green,” Mullins said. “The can’s green or the bottle’s green. Stuff like Heineken or Jägermeister’s.”

In a normal year, Rebel Smokehouse would be packed…

“COVID has definitely taken the large groups away,” Mullins said. “You get smaller groups of folks coming in. With more people getting vaccinated, we’re seeing more groups come in in larger groups. We’re really thrilled that families are coming in.”

But this year, it’s counting itself lucky just to be able to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

“We haven’t had as many people in as we normally do,” Mullins said. “We’re seeing quite a few folks come in today and come in and have a beverage with us.”

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