Mercer County looking into amphitheater for Glenwood Park

PRINCETON, WV (WOAY) – Mercer County is looking into installing an amphitheater in Glenwood Park.

Glenwood Park has been a recreational setting for decades. It’s been home to concerts, shows, bluegrass festivals and much more. However, the park lacks support for mass outdoor recreation.

According to Mercer County Commissioner Bill Archer, the county is hoping to change that by constructing an amphitheater. 

“From it’s very inception back in the 60s. It’s been a sight for Bluegrass festivals and things like that. So we want to resurrect that project,” Archer said.

An amphitheater could fit hundreds of people and give valuable infrastructure to the park, allowing even larger events to be held there. In a recent meeting, the commission discussed measures of cost and other variables to get the ball rolling.

“We started talking about this a few years ago actually, and it’s something of an ongoing conversation, but now I think we’re ready to go. We had an architecture drawing that was submitted to us within the past week.”

The amphitheater would likely go on one of the large empty areas on the edge of the lake. It would consist of a stage as well as seating out in the grass. That extra seating would give artists an extra venue to host events at, hopefully drawing more events to the area. 

It’s not yet determined how much the amphitheater would cost, but the commission is hoping to keep costs to a minimum. At first they believed it would be roughly $50,000, but they believe they can cut costs down before submitting a final plan for construction.

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