Melrose Elementary School prepares for potential Corona Virus outbreaks

PRINCETON, WV (WOAY) – Melrose Elementary School in Mercer County is one of many schools in the area beginning to prepare for the Corona Virus.

Although the virus has not yet spread to West Virginia, there’s nothing stopping communities for preparing for it. The most likely places for the virus to spread are airports, public transport hubs, public event venues and schools.

Edie Bennett, principal of Melrose Elementary, said they recently received some federal guidelines on what to look out for and what to do in case students experience symptoms. She claims the schools is already well-accustomed to what to do to prevent the spreading of flu-like illnesses. 

“If we have a student who is maybe not feeling well in the classroom we do remove them from the classroom, contact the parent to let them know they aren’t feeling well, we monitor them until they’re picked up. We also have our custodians make sure we’re putting off disinfectant bombs every night. We’re sanitizing.”

Bennett also said that the guidelines are similar to what the school does each flu season. She is confident in the school’s ability to keep things in order during any outbreak. 

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