Honey bees buzzing this spring, helping humans with nutrients

RALEIGH COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – The bees are buzzing this spring. Working hard for not only themselves, honey bees also give humans the proper nutrients to survive.

It is estimated that one in three bites of food has to be pollinated.

Farmers grow food, but in order for a fruit or vegetable to develop, it must be pollinated.

President of the Raleigh County Beekeeper Association Mark Lilly says, “The honey bees are super important. Without that, we would be severely malnourished.”

Every honey bee has a job in their colony in order to make their honey produce. However, these bees need the proper environment to do their jobs.

“Realize that what each of you may call weeds in our yard is actually a native plant.” Lilly says, “That is, if it’s allowed to bloom will provide nutrition for native pollinators like honey bees. So maybe leave a portion in the corner of your yard that you let grow naturally.”

There is no need to be afraid of the flying friends, honey bees are no threat to humans.

“Honey bees- unlike yellow jackets, wasps and hornets, they’re defensive. If a honey bee stings you, she dies. The others can sting you repeatedly. On a beautiful day like today, they might bump into you because they’re a little clumsy at flying; but they’re no threat to people.”

The fourth annual Honey Bee Festival will be on August 21st at the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine.

You can click this link for more information on pollinators, beekeepers and how you can help: https://www.raleighcountybeekeepers.com/

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