Gusty Winds Rip Through Southern West Virginia

Oak Hill, WV (WOAY-TV): Round one of our windstorm was prolific; we had everything from downed trees and power lines to roofs blown off businesses.

High winds completely tore off a roof across the street from Plateau Medical Center in Oak Hill and damaged a jeep across the street from the business. Fortunately, crews were able to clear the debris from Main Street and had it opened shortly after Noon.

The high winds contributed to downed trees and crews will continue to be busy even through Saturday cleaning up similar messes. Shops and businesses will have to repair their damaged signs going into the weekend as this high wind event plowed across southern West Virginia.

There were plenty of high wind reports across our nine county region. The reason– the peak gust range from 52 mph in Oak Hill to a whopping 63 mph in Bluefield.

Winds weren’t as strong east of Sandstone Mountain in the Greenbrier Valley. White Sulphur Springs had a peak gust of only 32 mph.

Round two of gusty winds will swoop through Saturday morning. Chad’s latest forecast:

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