Women empower women: Explorer Chick comes to West Virginia

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – What started out as an idea turned into an adventurous group of powerful women.

Explorer Chick Adventure Company strives to empower women through outdoor trips, where being free and having fun is the key.

What started as the loss of familiarity to CEO and Founder Nicki Bruckmann soon turned into the gain of an adventurous life.

“I had always had this calling to be an entrepreneur and also wanted to travel the world to see what’s out there. I didn’t have experience with either of these, but that’s the woman I wanted to be and I set out to do that.”

Explorer Chick Wild will be tackling some of West Virginia’s favorites for their next big adventure.

Whitewater rafting, hiking and campfires are among the many activities this weekend for milk-minded women who want to enjoy real adventures.

“Explorer Chick is an adventure travel company for women. We are out there empowering women with some nitty gritty adventures, our supportive group of women and also our SHE-nanigans.” Bruckmann said, “We do this through adventures like hiking, paddling, climbing and since we’re in West Virginia, rafting!”

As Bruckmann made the decision to live a life that she wanted to lead, many women have since joined her to embark on vacations that are limitless.

“Our biggest goal for every single trip though is every woman to return home with a lifetime of memories and also some new, really good close friends.”

The women will be experiencing West Virginia activities with their departure from ACE Adventure Resort on the great state’s 158th birthday.

For more information on how you can become an Explorer Chick and take an adventurous weekend in the wild and wonderful: Click here for details.

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