City of Beckley to host Neighborhood Car Cruise

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – This weekend, collectors of old, new and niche cars will drive through the streets to give citizens a drive-by show.

Shade Tree Car Club and Smooth Impressions Car Club have partnered with Beckley Events to provide the local residents of the Bowling Addition neighborhood with the cruise show.

Director of Beckley Events Jill Moorefield says it’s meant to entertain people in a safe way. 

“We’ll take off on a cruise and go around the neighborhood. And people can watch from their porches and their yards and hopefully just enjoy seeing all the great cars and interesting cars drive through the neighborhood,” Moorefield said.

Drivers will line up at the Church of Nazarene on Saturday, May 2 and drive all over town starting at 4:45 P.M. and lasting until 5:30 P.M. 

“They have some really cool cars that go up and down and flash lights and all kinds of good stuff. So they’ll be a lot of older and newer cool cars to enjoy.”

Residents can watch them go by safely either in the comfort of their own home with their family, or off to the side in their own vehicles. 

Moorefield also suggests that anyone heading out to watch the cars should be sure to practice social distancing, and avoid contact when they can. As well, she says the city has plans to host more drive-by shows in the near future. 

The event will not cause any roads to close or be blocked off. All drivers are expected to follow all road laws to avoid causing traffic issues.

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