Beckley reacts to Governor Justice’s face mask requirement

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – Governor Justice announced this afternoon that face masks will be required in indoor places.

Justice’s mandate impacts everyone in West Virginia. Some people feel that this has been a long time coming.

“I can’t see where it should be a big deal at all,” said West Virginia resident Greg Kozera. “To me, it makes sense. I mean, grocery stores, you name it. Now, what I love about it is, the other states have rules that you have to wear them outside, even if you were running by yourself. We’re West Virginians, this is common sense. I’m outside, I’m in the open air. No mask.”

Plenty of others haven’t been wearing masks in public, and don’t agree with Justice’s decision.

“I saw this coming,” said West Virginia resident Hannah Ball. “But personally, I don’t think it’s right that they’re infringing upon our right to wear a mask or not wear a mask.”

Health and safety were the biggest reasons for those who feel everyone should be wearing masks in public. While this is not yet a nation-wide ruling, other states could be taking the same measures soon enough.

“I feel like we need it,” said West Virginia resident Khalik Lawson. “Without the mask, I feel like we would get sick, and we need the mask.”

“Fantastic, Great step forward,” said West Virginia resident Cindy Charters. “It needs to be done, it needs to be everywhere.”

“Yeah we would hope that it would be something that the Trump administration would say ‘It should be nation-wide,’ instead of forcing every state and every community to try to figure things out on their own,” said West Virginia resident Dave Charters.

The requirement on face masks indoors begins tonight at midnight.

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