Beckley ARH has officially become certified as a Primary Stroke Center!

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY)- This signifies that Beckley ARH has the tools and certified personnel to provide all the care that is needed when people suffer from a stroke. This stops the need to send patients to other care facilities for continued stroke care.

The ARH WV Regional Chief Nursing Officer explains how a hospital becomes certified and why it’s important for our area.

“So, we have a DNV. They come in accredited us. They have a checklist perse of things that we have to accomplish. Doctors have to have certifications, nurses, physical therapy, all kinds of people have to have different certifications and education to take care of stroke patients. Once we pass all of that and we meet certain times from when a patient arrives in our hospital to when they get there first CT and when they get their first med. Once we accomplish all of that, then we can be certified,” explained Angela Rivera. “Being primary stroke, certified is that patients get to stay home, their families get to stay here, and we can take care of them. They don’t need to go to Charleston, or wherever else, to get their care. We can give them all that right here in our four walls.”

Paulalynn Bolen, a stroke survivor, explains her story and why Beckley ARH deserves this certification.

“As soon as they called a stroke, they saw it and knew. I was taken and immediately started treatment to try and turn everything around. The proper medications, the care, the CAT scans, the MRIs, everything that was needed. but the thing that sticks out in my head the most is the compassion, the kindness, the caring. Because these nurses and doctors and the doctor that was here to treat me, Dr. D, he literally took me by my hand and pat me and said, ‘I promise you, you’re going to be ok, I promise you, we are going to get you through this.’ and he kept his word,” expressed Bolen. “This staff, the doctors, the nurses, the people at the register, every single person in this hospital does a very valuable job. And with all these people working on me, with God’s grace and mercy. and telling them what to do and how to do it, I walked away from this.”

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