Wyoming County Commission increases sanitation efforts to keep courthouse open

PINEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – The Wyoming County Commission met this morning with several items on the agenda.

The commission has been taking extra precautions to ensure that its key businesses can safely remain open. The county courthouse is still a high priority for safety and sanitation.

“There’s a couple of things that we really take seriously here,” said Wyoming County Commission President Jason Mullins. “That’s protecting the health of our employees, and also our customers, our tax payers that come into the courthouse every day. So we’re doing everything that we can to make sure that we’re making every effort to keep things safe.”

There was recently an investment made to allow for more frequent and efficient sanitation to the courthouse.

“Very recently we’ve purchased a steam cleaner, a sanitizer to help sanitize surfaces in and around the courthouse,” Mullins said. “From what I understand, we’ve purchased one at the 911 Center, and also at the Health Department. So, this is a very common way now to do some sanitizing.”

The measures taken have been successful so far, but the county commission has no plans to decrease its prevention efforts.

“We have had, to my knowledge, no active cases of COVID in the courthouse,” Mullins said. “We have had a few people who are off or have been off, just to quarantine to be safe. They’ve been exposed to someone other than the courthouse. But we’re taking every opportunity to be safe here.”

The commission wants the courthouse to remain a safe place for people to come and take care of personal and county business.

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