West Virginia native author releases newest book that’s now available on Amazon

WEST VIRGINIA (WOAY) – The Final Secret: A West Virginia Mystery, is now available on Amazon.

After publishing the Pen Pal last year, another mystery that’s set right here in the Mountain State, West Virginia native author Storm Young returned with book number two on November 1.

It follows the story of Jess, a college student living away who gets a phone call that brings up suspicion of her grandfather’s health. This leads her and her best friend to travel back to her hometown in Tyler County, West Virginia, where a multitude of family secrets, and a possible hidden treasure awaits.

Young says the novel was inspired by her grandfather’s hobby of keeping a daily journal.

She says it’s also the book to read if West Virginia is a dear place to your heart.

“I think it’s a perfect mystery that really lets you take a step back home, rather if you’re in West Virginia or away like I am right now, and whenever I’m writing I’m able to step back into my hometown and my world back there,” says Young.

In addition, Young says the read includes a major twist that nobody expects.

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