West Virginia Mask Army creates hubs across the state to assist sewers

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – A small group of individuals by the name of West Virginia Mask Army, has created hubs across the state to assist sewers in making masks.

“They have quite an organization, to where their administration people who work on getting the raw material donated, and then they got people down there that are responsible for taking the filters and the pipe cleaners and eclectic that get turned into these masks and they break them down into kits,” said Jeff Tiny Elliot.

How does it work? Simple, a group of community members called West Virginia Mask Army has created an entire operation of producing masks and delivering them to hospitals and medical facilities.

“They go to the website, follow the instructions, make the masks and bring them back to me. And then if they want to do it again I’ll give them another kit and they keep going, each kit makes 20 to 25 masks,” said Elliot.

The masks production begins at hubs across the state. Hub leaders will provide mask kits with material and sewing instructions to volunteers. Volunteers then will take the materials home and sew masks while practicing social distancing.

For more information visit Westvirginiamaskarmy.com

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