Volunteers from various organizations come together to cleanup litter

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – About 20-people showed up to pitch in and help make the wild and wonderful West Virginia look a little brighter.

“We’re wanting to beautify the first impressions that people get as they come into the city and into West Virginia,” says Corey Lilly, Executive Director of Piney Creek Watershed Association. “This is oftentimes one of the first spots that tourists stop at and we want to beautify the area so when tourists come in for the springtime that it looks good.”

The Piney Creek Watershed Association, along with New River Health and The Fayette County Prevention Coalition, joined forces to pick up trash along I-64 near Tamarack.
“Basically, we’re just trying to get youth and adults engaged in the community. We give them outdoor activities,  give them opportunities to come together as a community,” Kelly LaCava, a member of the coalition, says on its behalf.
The Piney Creek Watershed Association hosts monthly cleanups in Raleigh County, primarily around the Piney Creek Watershed. The goal is to keep our streams and rivers free of debris so aquatic life can thrive.
“It’s one of the most beautiful states. So, when you’re driving in your car, we just wanted to clean up all the areas that you see while you’re driving, as well as all the outdoor recreation spots,” LaCava says.
While all of these organizations do a lot for the area, they especially look forward to when they’re all together with the same objective– to make the wild wonderful state even more wonderful.
If you’re interested in finding out more about these organizations and the projects they do, visit woay.com and find their websites.
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