Veterinarians urge caution for pet owners with poinsettias

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – Poinsettias are getting popular once again as the holidays roll around, but veterinarians urge caution if you own a cat. 

Poinsettias have potential to be toxic to cats if eaten.

Katie Faulkner, a veterinarian with the Fayette Veterinary Hospital says that if a cat eats part of a poinsettia, it can cause some severe issues. They recommend keeping them out of reach or avoiding them entirely if you own a cat. 

“They do have to eat a decent amount of it to cause very severe symptoms, but even a small amount can cause cats to drool, vomit and cause GI disruptions, so sometimes diarrhea,” Faulkner said.

If your cat even eats a small amount of Poinsettia, it’s recommended you take them to a vet, just to ensure they’re safe.

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