UPDATE: WV Board of Medicine suspends medical license for former Beckley ARH doctor

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – The West Virginia State Board of Medicine has suspended Dr. Zouhair Kabbara’s medical license.

The full document can be read below


Kabbara’s license was suspended on Wednesday, September 16, 2020.

A third lawsuit has been filed against Dr. Kabbara, this time for rape.

According to documents, Dr. Kabbara met a woman in 2016 while she was a senior in high school. Dr. Kabbara asked the woman to meet at his house, before heading to an art show. Once at his home, Dr. Kabbara convinced the woman to come inside. He then began to grope and kiss her, despite the woman stating she did not want to have sex.

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As Dr. Kabbara was groping the woman, his watch came off in the woman’s pants, prompting him to meet with her again in order to get his watch back. Dr. Kabbara convinced the woman to meet at his house to obtain his watch. As the woman sat with Dr. Kabbara, he began to touch her inappropriately again, even after she repeated she did not want to have sex.

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Dr. Kabbara then roughly sexually assaulted the woman twice. He then forced the woman to wash herself in his home, washing away the physical evidence. About a year after the incident, Dr. Kabbara followed the woman’s vehicle, made her pullover, and told her that he recorded the assault.

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