Weather Update: Full Throttle Transition to Summer Weather

WOAY-TV (Oak Hill, WV): A few minor hiccups are in the offing before we make the full transition to summer next week.

Expect a gorgeous sunset behind a few high, thin cirrus clouds tonight. Don’t forget about an almost full moon (96.7% full) that will rise around 10:20 p.m.!

FRIDAY CLOUD COVER AND UV INDEX: Clouds will move in after Midnight and we’ll be in and out of the clouds on Friday with more pockets of sunshine between Noon-4 p.m. We won’t have the deep blue sky we had today, but temperatures will be comparable and the UV Index will reach 7, the high category, during the early afternoon, so don’t forget the sunblock!

RAIN: About 0.25″ of rain is expected early Saturday prior to 10 a.m. and then a few showers and storms are expected ahead of a diffuse cold front on Tuesday afternoon and evening. Since the best upper-level support will be moving north and away from the eastward moving front, severe weather is not expected. The next threat for rain is Thursday evening.

TEMPERATURES: The Greenbrier Valley will cool to near 40 degrees overnight but a strong inversion and breezy Southeast wind will keep the western Greenbrier Valley’s ridges to Route 19 in the upper 40s tonight. Friday’s highs will be similar to today and then following a morning warm front on Saturday, temperatures will be off to the races Monday through Thursday. High temperatures will come within 5 degrees from record highs on Monday before the diffuse front mentioned above drops the high temperature about 3-5 degrees Tuesday through Thursday.

Chad’s latest forecast:

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