New Lawsuit Filed Against Dr. Kabbara For Sexual Assault

Dr. Zouhair Kabbara

RALEIGH COUNTY, WV (WOAY)- Dr. Kabbara, the BARH doctor accused of sexual harassment against twenty women, is now facing a new lawsuit.

According to documents, a female, identified as Jane Doe, was a patient of Dr. Kabbara beginning in May 2019. In June 2019, Dr. Kabbara hospitalized the woman and relayed to her that he would try to get her in a private room. Dr. Kabbara entered the patient’s room and sexually assaulted her for several minutes.

The lawsuit says Dr. Kabbara inserted his fingers in Jane Doe’s vagina. It also says following the alleged incident, Dr. Kabbara then forced the same fingers into the patient’s mouth. Prior to this incident, Dr. Kabbara was forced to resign from Beckley Appalachian Regional Hospital for allegations of misconduct and sexual harassment.

The lawsuit claims RGH was or should have been aware of the circumstances under which Dr. Kabbara was forced out of his employment with BARH. Dr. Kabarra was still permitted to continue to enter RGH for treating patients.

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