This dog lived his best life in road-trip pics and OMG we’re in love

(ABC NEWS)- A dog named Bentley is melting hearts by the thousands after adorable photos of his travels were tweeted by his owner.


While Lexee Leach, 21, was at college, her parents, Beth and John Leach of Colleyville, Texas, sent her some family pictures.

The photos were of Bentley, the family’s 12-year-old Maltese, at various state lines and landmarks on their road trip to Florida.


“[My mom] texted them to me … I thought, ‘Oh, this is hilarious. I have to post them,'” Leach told “Good Morning America.” “All of my friends love Bentley. I posted it for them, and overnight it blew up.”


The pics racked up 101,000 likes and over 29,000 comments from people who couldn’t get enough of Bentley’s sweet little face.


“You love your own puppy, but it’s even sweeter when a bunch of strangers are like, ‘I love this dog!'”

Beth Leach said that Bentley goes everywhere with her.


“Bentley is definitely the favorite,” she told “GMA.”

As for Bentley’s next trip, he’s headed to California by way of airplane.



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