The Metaverse and the innovative Quest headset introduced to West Virginia at this year’s annual Meeting and Business Summit

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, WV (WOAY) – West Virginia is being introduced to the Meta Verse.

The company Meta, formally known as Facebook, was in attendance at this year’s annual Meeting and Business Summit at the Greenbrier Resort.

They were just one of the companies showing off a future filled with new opportunities to come to the state.

“I think that there are so many opportunities,” Policy Communications Manager at Meta, Sara Stephany says. “At Meta, we are really focused on this shift to the metaverse, which is really the next generation of the internet, and there are so many exciting opportunities for businesses in that space.”

One of those new opportunities, the Quest headset. It’s an innovative virtual reality space that immerses users to a network of different experiences.

From connecting with people to travel and tourism, there are already numerous experiences that people can pursue in this space. Stephany says it’s transforming the internet as we know it.

“This really does feel like the next generation of the internet,” says Stephany. “So, you know, we used to have desktop only and then when cell phones started, text messaging and then that shifted to sharing photos, and then our devices got stronger and stronger that shifted to video, and now this Metaverse and being fully present together is the next generation.”

Eventually, the technology will have the capabilities of allowing businesses to conduct virtual meetings entirely remotely.

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