The Fayette County Republican Club held a meet-the-candidate event in Oak Hill

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY)- At the Fayette County Republican Club’s first-ever event, 25 different candidates from local to statewide elections came to the New River Convention Center, where they got to share their platforms with the public.

The public got to hear a variety of issues the candidates want to focus on if they are elected and speak with candidates at a meet and greet before speeches.

The Fayette County Republican Club is happy with the turnout they got as they were first formed in November.

“I want to thank the candidates for coming out,” said Austin Haynes, President of the Fayette County Republican Club. “We got between 20 and 30 candidates and I think for our first event, having a turnout like this with candidates and the general public, I think it’s great.”

In the future, some of the attendees hope that more candidates will attend.

“I think the event was needed. I would have liked to see more candidates out so you get a full perspective,” said Myra Taylor, a Board of Education (New Haven district) candidate. “And I like the comment that Mr. McMullen made that [local candidates] should have gone first so the state people would hear the issues from a county that’s really suffering in a lot of ways.”

A gubernatorial candidate agreed that it’s important for potential state leaders to hear from local candidates and the public.

“Well, it’s important to get out to talk to everybody throughout the state, I’ve probably been out to 30-35 counties in just last month or so, but then also being able use to something like this evening, to get out to meet with the local folks and the local candidates,” said Mac Warner, Republican candidate for governor. “So it’s an opportunity to hear the issues about what’s going on with the local school boards, county commission issues, that sort of thing. So it just best to get out and talk to people to hear what their issues are.”

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