“Spending more and taxing more,” Capito reacts to Manchin’s Inflation Reduction Act

WEST VIRGINIA (WOAY) – In Senator Shelley Moore Capito’s press conference Thursday, she addressed Senator Manchin’s Inflation Reduction Act in another way, saying its aim will only lead to “spending more and taxing more.”

She referred to the GDP’s current negative growth rate and the most recent announcement about the U.S economy’s newfound recession.

Capito fears that Manchin’s bill would cause even more of that inflation and fuel the recession.

“It is just inexplicable to me how in a time of high inflation, recessionary times, that are directly attributed to the over-spending that the Democrats did last year, that they would even entertain flooding again more federal dollars into the system,” Capito says.

In regards to the energy provisions the bill highlights, Capito also expressed concern about the number of electric cars and other electric amenities it promises. She says it will only create higher energy costs for Americans.

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