Slab Fork couple can’t wait to move into new home

SLAB FORK, WV (WOAY) – It’s been a rough few years for a Slab Fork couple. But thanks to the Beckley Area Foundation, Southern Appalachian Labor School and Jimmy Treadway, the Packs hope to soon move into their new home.

“We were doing great ’til we had nothing in a matter of a month,” said Rachel Pack. “Our waterline busted, we were just stuck, and then our power got cut off because I got behind on the bills because no income.”

To have a place to live is everything. And for Rachel and Donald Pack, dealing with state red tape has been challenging. But when all is said and done, this trailer will be their new home.

The state inspector told the Packs wiring in their house was so old it didn’t meet standards. So they were going to have to rewire the whole house, which would cost more than the house is worth. And to top it all off – a leaking roof…

“Gonna have to repair the roof before they could rewire the house. We would contact people and they would say there would be like two years waiting list,” Rachel said. “It seemed like no matter what we were doing, we just could not get ahead.”

She says a higher power, her church family and husband helped her through those trying times. Then their peer recovery coach, Raleigh County Prevention Coalition’s Amanda Hammons put the Packs in contact with Treadway and things started to change.

“God’s the one that’s answered all of our prayers,” said Rachel. “And I am so grateful that he has. And he is who has kept me strong. We were able to get the trailer, which was fantastic, you know, and do some other things that we needed. And because of the wonderful donations of people.”

The Packs are thankful organizations finally realized people in these rural communities also need help. They are grateful for the $3,500 grant and more.

“Southern Appalachian Labor Board and the Beckley Prevention Coalition and the United Way,” Donald said. “As far as Mr. Treadway goes, without him, you know, we wouldn’t have this trailer here. And then we’ll just, you know, take it as the Lord’s will. You know, one day at a time is all you really can do. You know, one step at a time.”

According to state code, the Packs can’t have two structures on their property at once — so they need to get their old house torn down and move the trailer into that space. Despite all they’ve been through, Rachel says she tries hard to keep a smile on her face every day.

“In a drop of a hat, you might be in the same predicament we’re in. And I pray that you don’t get that way,” she said. “But if you do — just try, be patient, don’t give up and you can get help too. We have been trying for four years, four years, and we finally got it.”

To help the Packs offset demolition costs for their old house so they can move into their new trailer home as soon as possible… visit their GoFundMe page.

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