Salvation Army looking for donations as holiday season looms

PRINCETON, WV (WOAY) – The Salvation Army in Princeton came up with a unique way to ask for donations as they prepare for the holiday season. 

The Salvation is prepping for their biggest fundraising initiative of the year. The holiday season is when they set up bell ringers around their communities and ask for donations. This year, fundraising is much more difficult due to the pandemic, but they’re still preparing and hoping for a good season.

At the Salvation Army in Princeton, Core Officer Lt. Dennis Smith crafted a unique way of asking for donations, and put a large Salvation Army kettle on the back of his truck. He plans to ride it around town, encouraging folks to donate. 

“We want to try to make this year, just like COVID’s made this a whole different year, we want to try to make this a little different and have a bit more fun with it, and hop around with the kettle on the back of my truck so people see us and know what we’re doing,” Smith said.

The kettle has QR codes all over, and bystanders only need to take a picture of it to be sent to the donation website. Smith says that donating and helping others is one of the core missions of the Salvation Army, and hopes the community follows along. 

“In our Bible it tells us to help our community, help our brothers and sisters. And there are so many people that are unable to help themselves, and so we want to step up, as we always do, to help them.”

If you’re around the Princeton area, keep a look out for the large kettle parading through the streets. And if you’re able to, the Salvation Army asks you to consider donating.

The Salvation Army is also planning to take COVID precautions when ringing. They plan to enforce social distancing and will keep contact to a minimum.

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