Sales Tax Holiday attracting back-to-school shoppers across the state

BRADLEY, WV (WOAY) – A statewide sales tax holiday geared toward going back-to-school is hitting West Virginia this weekend for the first time in about 15 years, with up to 6 percent of that state tax not being charged on many back-to-school goods. And local stores and shopping malls are doing their own kinds of promoting for the event.

“We’ve just been really busy making sure we reach out to guests a lot personally, so we’ve called a lot of people who shop with us just to remind them, and we’ve been promoting it on our personal Facebook, Instagram, stuff like that,” says Bailey Beebe, Manager of Buckle.

As for the Crossroads Mall, they are going all out for this holiday event, with over a $4,000 give-away in prizes featuring items from most of the stores in the mall.

“Every store that you go into today and the rest of the weekend has a little bucket that’s got the mall raffle so you have a chance to win,” she says. “We donated gift cards for our store and other stores donated other options, so you just put your name and number in the basket and they are going to draw it after the weekend is over.”

Buckle is throwing four $25 gift cards from their store to be drawn in the raffle, and the store manager Bailey Beebe says this is a great opportunity for every back-to-school shopper to take advantage of.

“There’s tons of nice stuff in there, it gives you a nice little incentive to come in and fight with the traffic a little bit, at least you’re getting something out of it. We’ve been super busy ourselves here, people are coming in and snagging everything that they possibly can because they know in the next couple of weeks it’s not going to be here.”

You can register for this Back-to-School Raffle by making any purchase in the mall during the weekend, and check out the Crossroads Mall Facebook page to get a look at all of the stuff you can potentially win and to find out who the winners are after the weekend is over.

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