Railroad Avenue wall remains unstable in Oakvale

OAKVALE, WV (WOAY) – A major part of the Oakvale road petition is the wall on Railroad Avenue.

The wall is built to protect houses from debris when trains come through town. The Oakvale Town Council is hoping to achieve a safer and more permanent solution through the petition.

“The fall started falling, I think it was about five years ago,” said Oakvale Town Councilman Bryan Thomas. “Ronnie called and told them that it was getting ready to fall. They said they’d send somebody down. He called them the next day and said, ‘well I told you the wall was going to fall.’ They had to come down and put a wall in, and they said that it was temporary.”

Residents on Railroad Avenue are hoping to prevent gravel that slides through the wall from reaching their homes on the other side of the road.

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