Princeton businesses participate in local shopping initiatives

PRINCETON, WV (WOAY) – Small businesses in Princeton are encouraging residents to shop local with incentives.

More than a dozen businesses in the area are participating in Honey Money, where shopping at local stores earns patrons points that they redeem on free items.

Shopping at a participating store earns you a card, and when you receive enough stickers on your card, you can redeem them for a free coffee at Appalachian Coffee House or jar of honey at Blue Ridge Bee Company

One local business owner, Lori McKinney, said that small businesses in Princeton are always finding new and innovative ways to support each other.

“It’s just a great team of great people at The RiffRaff and the neighborhood. And we come together a lot to do projects. And Honey Money is an initiative of The RiffRaff to partner with other local businesses, and really encourage our audience to cross pollinate,” McKinney said. 

The initiative has so far seen a great deal of support, and may continue for many months to come.

To find a list of participating stores, visit

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