Panic buying leaves local gas stations with little to no fuel

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – Many drivers in our area are scrambling to get their tanks filled, a reaction that’s being compared to the toilet paper outage at the start of the pandemic. More than 1,000 gas stations along the East Coast report running out of fuel.

Gas stations around the area have been feeling the rush as people run to fill their tanks, Some gas stations are running out completely, while others have a limited selection.

J & J Kountry Korner Supervisor Brittany Meadows said, “It does stress you out a little bit because if you don’t have gas, you are not bringing people in the store to buy items out of your store.”

West Virginia is not among the over twenty states that have declared a state of emergency. Supply disruptions across the state are being fueled by residents that are excessively buying.

“Just get what you need. What you need to hold you over for the time, just like usual. Live your life normal, don’t overdo it and don’t panic.”

West Virginia only gets a small amount of petroleum products from the Colonial Pipeline. Most products for the state come from the Plantation Pipeline.

The average gasoline costs have increased by six cents since the shutdown. Colonial is looking to restore most of the pipeline by Friday, but until then, gas prices will most likely continue to climb.

A local Raleigh County resident says it wasn’t very difficult to find fuel.

“Call. Call ahead of time. It’s a lot simpler. Otherwise, why waste your gas?” Jimmy Jones said.

Most analysts believe this will be a short-term problem.

It seems that gas may be the new toilet paper as Fayette and other surrounding counties struggle to keep fuel at their gas stations after the pipeline hack last weekend.


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