Orphaned Bear Cub Joins Other Rescued Animals At Wildlife Sanctuary

(ABC NEWS)- It’s been a month since an orphaned bear cub known as Luigi was rescued alongside a road in northwestern Greece.


A driver found him wandering alone on a highway near the village of Kleidi on April 4. His mother, who was nowhere to be found, is believed to have been killed


The cub was undernourished and just a few months old at the time.


The driver notified Arcturos, a nonprofit wildlife sanctuary in the region of Florina. The cub was moved to the sanctuary’s facilities, where he was nursed back to health, according to a press release from Arcturos.


The sanctuary staff noticed how much the cub enjoyed playing with a soccer ball as he adapted to his new surroundings. So they named him Luigi, after the famous Italian goalkeeper, Gianluigi Buffon.


“Even though Luigi lost his mother, he will have a second chance to live in the wild. Arcturos will try to train and teach him some of the survival secrets his mum would have,” the sanctuary said in a statement on April 19.


And if everything goes according to plan, Luigi will be rehabilitated next year.


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