One Tank Trip: Hot Cup Coffee

LOGAN, WV (WOAY) – From magic wands, spell books, and possibly the most iconic character in 21st-century​‌ literature, a coffee shop in downtown Logan, WV offers a touch of Harry Potter. Located on 201 Stratton Street, Hot Cup is a uniquely-themed coffee shop offering a variety of cool aesthetics and flavors to each cup.

And this week’s One Tank Trip is stopping by to see what further delights await behind its doors.

“We serve the iced Butter Beer Macchiato and it is the number one selling drink in the house and it has been for a decade,” the Owner of Hot Cup, Micheal Cline says. “It was sort of used to promote a little nook we have here in the shop, it is called the Harry Potter Cupboard Under the Stairs Reading Room.”

Inside the room, Potter fans can find a complete replication of the famous cupboard from the books and films, with authentic-looking memorabilia to go along with it. But, Harry Potter isn’t the only fandom the shop pays homage to. From Marvel to Rocky Horror, tons of pop culture references fill the shop from floor to ceiling.

And, the variety of this culture is matched only by the wide assortment of uniquely-themed and flavored coffee drinks, such as the white chocolate and Reese’s peanut butter White Zombie, or the Stay Puffed Marshmellow Man Latte.

Apart from all of that, the Owner of Hot Cup, Micheal Cline, is adamant about supporting local artists from around the community, as well.

“In the front seating area, it’s all local art,” says Cline. “Everything in the upper gallery is for sale by local artists and we don’t take any commission or cash off of that, if someone buys a painting for $100, that’s $100 that goes directly into a local artist’s hands and that money stays in the community.”

He says beyond the coffee and cool vibes, his goal was to create a space of inclusivity and acceptance, where all are welcome.

“We also wanted a place that promoted love and tolerance, a place for the misfits to fit,” he adds. “This is the place where they can come and not be bullied. The only thing that we don’t welcome here is hate.”

You can also find Hot Cup on their Facebook page.

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