One Tank Trip: Heritage Farm

HUNTINGTON, WV (WOAY) –Located in the outskirts of Huntington is Heritage Farm, a space for people to learn about Appalachian heritage. 

The farm serves as a huge interactive museum, where families can see how their ancestors in Appalachia lived day by day. 

It was started in 1996 by the parents of the current executive director Audy Perry.

“Heritage Farm is a celebration of Appalachian ingenuity and adventure,” Perry said. “We want everyone to understand that we come from an incredible heritage. They built their own homes, they came across these mountains and faced incredible challenges to make our lives possible.” 

The farm features multiple different museums and other activities for families to enjoy. In the museums, you can see how your ancestors performed everyday tasks, from buying things in the general store, to cooking and cleaning. 

Other museums show you the progress made throughout the region. They detail the history of coal mining, glass blowing and other industries that made Appalachia what it is today.

“We have museums that celebrate our history in different ways, from transportation to industry.”

Heritage Farm also has more interactive exhibits, including an animal showcase. There are goats and other farm animals, and even an aquatic exhibit, showing off the native wildlife. 

And on top of that, there’s a kid’s adventure zone and a newly built treehouse adventure, where you can walk between the trees at 60 feet in the air. 

Heritage Farm is open every Friday and Saturday from 10-3 and all people are welcome to stop by and learn about Appalachian Heritage. They are also putting in COVID-19 precautions, so you can stay safe while you visit. 

They also have their Fall Festival upcoming this October. It’ll feature glass blowing, bread making, cast iron cooking and tons more. 

And being located in Huntington, you can be there quickly and easily from I-64, and you can get there in just one tank of gas.

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