Oak Hill Little League opens registration through March 11th

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – As it’s almost time to break out the sunflower seeds and Cracker Jacks, the Oak Hill Little League program has opened its registration process.

As the league welcomes their new president Andy Hudson, he says he is excited to get the process going.

“Softball and baseball season is here, it’s my favorite time of year,” Hudson said.

The league typically sees anywhere from 250 to 300 kids participate, but this year, the new president is hoping to get even more children involved.

“I would like to see 400 to 500 kids myself. We just have to challenge the parents to be a part of the solution and not the problem. Get them off the tablets, off the couch and out here on these fields.”

And aside from the fun of the sport, Hudson says it is beneficial to kids in other ways as well.

“They learn to communicate with other kids instead of on text message. I believe it helps develop them mentally and socially.”

With a policy to never turn a child away, the little league has plenty of stock equipment for children who may not have all of the essentials.

From gloves to cleats, you can contact them directly if you are in need of equipment or a fee waiver.

“We don’t turn any kid away.” Hudson said, “If you have a kid and they want to play, we make sure they get put on a team. We make sure they get to play.”

You can register online or check with their Facebook page with in-person registration.

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