Nationwide alert system to be tested Oct. 4

There will be a nationwide test of both the Emergency Alert System and the Wireless Alert System on Wednesday, October 4.

It is expected to begin at around 2:20 in the afternoon and will send a test alert to cell phones, radios, and televisions.

During the test, cell towers will broadcast the test, and all phones that are turned on will receive a message stating “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed. End quote. The message will come with a unique notification tone and vibration.”

The alert for radios and tvs will be similar. It will last one minute over the air, and the message will read “This is a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System, issued by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, covering the United States from 14:20 to 14:50 hours ET. This is only a test. No action is required by the public.”

In case of widespread severe weather, the test will be rescheduled to October 11.

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