National Recovery Month raises awareness for those struggling with addiction

MERCER COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – September is National Recovery Month. It’s a time meant to recognize the struggles people with addiction face and all the effort they go through to recover from the disease.

September is filled with many events in communities to spread awareness on the issue. And in Mercer County, local non profit Community Connections has some things in store for the near future.

“During the month you’ll have other events. Celebrations of recovery, lots of messages on where to get help,” said Executive Director Greg Puckett.

Many health experts use this time to spread awareness about opioids and all the things communities do to help those struggling with addiction.

Earlier this week was National Overdose Awareness Day, which led right into Recovery Month. And September 1 is Save a Life Day, which is used to spread awareness on Narcan, which helps save the lives of those with addiction.

Much of what Recovery Month is all about is spreading information about the effects of addiction, and advocates for the recognition of it as a disease.

“Addiction is truly a disease. This is not something that is really compartmentalized to a particular thing, there are many diseases out there. But addiction is truly a disease.”

And later on throughout the month and the rest of the year, Community Connections is planning many events to spread awareness on recovery and places for people to reach out to if they need help.

“Recovery can come in many forms, but in a time of mental health crisis, like we’re seeing now with a public health crisis, please know that there are resources available.” 

One such resource is, which has information on many local resources for anyone struggling with substance use.

National Recovery Month was launched in 1989 by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration as a way to raise awareness about substance use and mental health.

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