Mountaineer Paranormal shares their paranormal findings

Austin Stanley grew up watching shows like Ghost Adventures and Paranormal Lockdown and his fascination grew. Then, after visiting the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, West Virginia, an internationally recognized haunted hospital, that settled it for him.

“I got scratched up at that hospital; I’ve got touched at that hospital, heard some things, saw a lot of things and that’s when I said, ‘it’s time to do something,'” the Mountaineer Paranormal founder/lead investigator says.

The public’s fascination with the paranormal is very real and Mountaineer Paranormal is investigating.

While there are many believers, Austin says to the skeptics (he was one when he was younger)… you just need to experience it for yourself.

“I had some personal experiences at my home… and palpable,” said Stanley. “If they don’t believe in it they need to go out there and actually investigate and go to these haunted locations.”

He says Mountaineer Paranormal and Spectral Research and Investigations (out of Huntington) have looked deeply into this.

“Just watch their videos, watch ours; there’s clear-cut evidence of the paranormal,” Stanley said.

According to the investigator, when there’s a lot of death in one central location — it can lead to paranormal activity.

“Moundsville, the Old Hospital in College Hill, Westin State Hospital (Trans-Allegheny), it’s been proven,” he said that rivers will supercharge energy and make it easier for things to manifest, powerlines going across locations could provide energy for the entities.”

Stanley is thinking of checking out Moundsville Penitentiary next year, the Mansfield Reformatory… but upon walking into ‘The deep end’ (Antiques) store in Berkeley to do this interview Austin said to me he felt paranormal activity.

“We came down here and investigated — I was hooked, I’ve been back at this location four times,” said the investigator. “He (store owner Travis) has a lot of military artifacts associated with death. It can manifest itself.”

Austin said he wants to tell a story that would otherwise go untold.

“I want to go to these big locations, I want to investigate. I want to prove what I know is real. And I believe it really will,” he said. “Ya know; when we produce the evidence.”

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