May 10 recognized as West Virginia Manufacturing Education Day

PRINCETON, WV (WOAY) – A new proclamation from Governor Jim Justice recognizes May 10 as West Virginia Manufacturing Education Day. 

West Virginia Manufacturing Education Day is all about recognizing students and educators across the state for their commitment to the workers in the manufacturing industry.

Marvin Woodie is the President of a local manufacturing business in Princeton. He says the proclamation comes at a great time, and will help highlight the need for manufacturing employees in the state.

“I think it’ll be good for both manufacturers and people searching for employment in the state as well,” Woodie said.

Conn-Weld Industries has partnered with a group called Explore the New Manufacturing, with the goal being to increase education efforts into the industry, and hopefully bring more people in. 

“That helps educate middle aged and high school aged and even college aged students about opportunities in the workplace once they get their degree.” 

Conn-Weld has also partnered with the Fayette Institute of Technology to help with education efforts.

One way of doing this was through a Manufacturing Innovation Challenge, where they invite local high school students to solve real-world manufacturing problems.

The goal of all these efforts is to invite more people into the manufacturing industry, which has a great need right now in West Virginia. 

“A lot of times, they get their degrees and they leave the state. We want to do everything we can to keep them here because we need people here to do those types of jobs.”

Explore the New Manufacturing is also looking for other schools and companies to participate in future manufacturing innovation challenges.

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