Local Representatives discuss For the People Act

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – Representatives of business, labor, and retirees held a luncheon in Beckley.

The luncheon was a way for the representatives to discuss and show their support of the For the Peoples Act which aims to enact safer and more reliable voting procedures. The bill also addresses the issue on dark money which is campaign funding hidden under a different name. If passed, the bill will allow voters to see who financially supports each candidate.

“People have a right to know not only what their candidates stand for, but who is backing them,” said Former House of Delegates Majority Leader Rick Staton. “What this does is bring transparency to that not only in their own financial disclosures , but also in the disclosures of who else is helping finance their campaigns.”

The For the People Act did pass the House of Representatives and currently awaits action in the Senate.

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