Local nurse looks to expand public service career into politics

A local nurse is running for the West Virginia House of Delegates.

Addam Gibson is campaigning to represent West Virginia District 42, which encompasses southern Raleigh County.

If he wins the election, one of his goals is to work to diversify the West Virginia economy.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge proponent of fossil fuels, but I think we need something else here, like manufacturing or something that could bring more jobs and more money to the area,” Gibson said. “Our health care system is suffering. Our economy is suffering. I feel like somebody needs to make that change and get us back on the right track.”

Brandon Steele, a Republican, currently represents West Virginia’s 42nd district.

Gibson is running as a Democrat and describes himself as pro-union, pro-teacher, and pro-healthcare. He said he wants to make a bigger impact on the community.

He believes his career as a nurse has prepared him to take on a larger role.

“I’ve always loved helping people, and I feel like I make a huge impact,” Gibson said.

He also believes that it’s important for more young people to be elected.

“I feel like our House of Delegates was made up primarily of people who aren’t really in tune with what people are feeling right now. They’re people that aren’t struggling to make ends meet. And they’re not going paycheck to paycheck as someone my age would be,” Gibson said. “I could bring that perspective to the House of Delegates and work on legislation that would solve some of the issues that our younger people are facing that keeps driving them out West Virginia.”

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