Local high school students make public service announcements

WEST VIRGINIA (WOAY) – Earth Day serves as a way to remind us all to take care of the planet we call home, but some local students took that even further by creating public service announcements (PSA) to remind us of the changing climate right here in West Virginia.

“Since I was exposed [to climate change] I really think being a part of it and helping more of my generation be educated on it would help a lot,” said Fairmont Senior High School Ashlyn Bennington. “I also really like making videos as well, so both of those things went hand and hand with each other.”

Ashlyn’s PSA showcases the Earth as if it was a child that was being poorly treated and drives home the point that if we wouldn’t treat our kids this way then why would we treat our planet this way.

Another student from Wyoming East High School, Ty Eller, also made a PSA depicting how much carbon emissions we output here in the Mountain State and what we can do to reduce it.

Both of these students are participants in the WV Climate Change Professional Development Program which aims to teach students and the public about the importance of combatting climate change.

“It’s a really wonderful dynamic collaboration,” said Teaching Associate Professor at West Virginia University Kathryn Williamson. “We have physical scientists and social scientists because we want to take that holistic picture of the impacts of climate change and talk not just about the science, but about the solutions. And how this is going to impact people and how this is going to impact our communities.

The students encourage everyone to do their part and help to protect the planet we call home.

“Taking action now can help us, help my grandkids’ grandkids stuff like that because this is going to last a long time if we don’t take action now,” Bennington said. “I want other generations to have the opportunity to have the beautiful Earth that we have right now.”

Professor Williamson also says that the best way to combat climate change is to keep the conversation going and come together.

You can see the PSAs when they air right here on WOAY-TV.

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