Local film festival to be held at Fayetteville brewery

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) РThe Folkway Film Festival is a unique experience focusing solely on Appalachian culture. The festival focuses on local and indie films from across the region. The festival is produced by Folkway Film, a local company based in Fayetteville. And this year,  the festival expects to be one of the biggest platforms around for original storytellers and cultural exchange.
“The Folkway has come by twice before and shown some films, but nothing on this level. This is going to be a real presentation,” says Jaime Lester, co-owner of Freefolk Brewery.
Film enthusiasts are certainly looking forward to the festival — Especially since last year’s festival¬† was cancelled due to COVID-19. However, Freefolk owners feel much better about hosting this year’s event especially now that the governor is slowly lifting pandemic restrictions.
“We’re seeing a lot of people coming to Fayetteville and coming to the Freefolk Brewery to be outdoors and enjoy a few beers and be around people again,” says Lester. “The Folkway Film Festival is a great way to do that and to celebrate life at the end of Covid.”
Social distancing guidelines and facemasks are still required, and there is a limit of 37 people that will be allowed into the indoor area. But Covid restrictions aside, this folk-inspired film fest is a huge start for the brewery in kicking off the summer season and a fresh, culturally enriching event that will leave a positive impact on the whole community.
“I think people in the area are aware of the Folkway and the work they’ve done, and so we’re all excited to cheer our local film-maker on. We’re really excited to have them, I think the community is really going to embrace this event.”
Local musician Matt Mullins is expected to perform in between each film — And Gils Pit BBQ will be serving up some delicious food to enjoy during the shows.
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