Local business and motorcycle club team up to support Fayette County Special Olympics

LANSING, WV (WOAY) – A motorcycle club teams up with a local business to raise funds for the Fayette County Special Olympics. 

Canyon Rim Gifts in partnership with the Brothers of the Wheel Motorcycle club have held a special fundraiser for the Fayette County Special Olympics. They invited more than a dozen local vendors to set up shop and encourage patrons to make donations. 

“We’re doing it for the Special Olympics, trying to raise money since we didn’t get to do a standout this year,” Brothers of the Wheel Vice President Jason Pemberton said.

The local vendors that participated included ones that sold independent home made goods, to local bakeries and restaurants.

“We’re her supporting the Special Olympics and just having a good time. I love doing this, I love cooking for people,” said Thomas Jones, Owner of June Bug’s BBQ. 

Many of the independent vendors make all of their own goods and were ecstatic to get the chance to sell their merchandise and support a good cause. One such vendor was Sherri and Sarah Reece, who started their own business called Reece Graffiti. Sarah has Down Syndrome, and started the business to give herself a job during the pandemic. 

“Sarah was working for the Fayette County Board of Education and lost her job during the COVID-19 pandemic, so we created her a job. Sarah gets up at nine in the morning, gets started wicking, choosing colors, deciding what we’re doing for the day,” Sherri said.

Sarah also used to be in the Fayette County Special Olympics. Her mother says it’s incredible to be able to support the organization through their business. 

“Sarah used to participate in the Special Olympics growing up through the years and it was very beneficial to us.” 

The Brothers of the Wheel Motorcycle Club have been long time partners of the Fayette County Special Olympics, and typically holds fundraisers each year for them. Due to the pandemic this year the first half of the year was slow for fundraising, so they’ve doubled down in recent months to encourage more people to donate. 

Anyone looking to support the Fayette County Special Olympics can contact the Brothers of the Wheel or donate online. 

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