Local bike farm hosts series of bike track races

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – The rain didn’t stop some local mountain bike riders this weekend as they took part in the first annual series of short bike track races at the Arrowhead Bike Farm Saturday. The idea was to get people out in the wintertime. Rain or shine, the protocols for this event were pretty much the same…simply to have fun riding.

“It kind of depends on the race, but with these races, we are just going to run it rain or shine just for kind of like that fun element,” says Travis Brown, the Program Director at the bike farm. “And it has happened to rain for two of the three races we’ve had for the series, which is great!”

And an event like this attracts more than just people who love the mountain bike riding aspect, but it brings in a good sense of community bonding with folks from all over the region. People from many different parts of the state came to take part in the races throughout the series.

“A bunch of people show up multiple times and it’s just fun to get to know more folks. I’ve been able to meet people coming up from Charleston that has been here for all the races, and it’s just fun to see people come from all around to have a good time on a rainy, wet day,” he says.

Although this is the last event in this series of races, the farm plans to host many more exciting events like it.  Despite the ongoing pandemic, the lots of rain, and any other obstacle that may threaten to get in the way, Brown says it’s not stopping the farm from continuing these events and bringing the community together through them.

“It is a hard time for everybody right now because of Covid, and we have an awesome space that’s outside and so spacious, that we can feel comfortable getting people together. Because being together is a huge part of the community and getting folks that like riding bikes together is how we build that community up.”

Another upcoming bike race event Arrowhead annually hosts in the summer is Time Trial Cruiser bike races, where all the proceeds go towards building new structures for their goats.

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