Jack Brown becomes new Mount Hope Chief of Police

MOUNT HOPE, WV (WOAY) – On Monday, March 26, 2020 Mount Hope Mayor Michael Kessinger announced Jack Brown as the new Mount Hope Chief of Police, amidst Stan Ellison’s retirement.

“I had the opportunity in my career to do a number of things in all aspects of law enforcement. I’ve started at the bottom and been a patrol officer and have worked at every intermediate level, all the way to the top.

If you’re a Fayette County local, chances are you’ve seen Jack Brown. Brown is a Fayette County naive born and raised in Pax, WV. He is bringing 30 years of experience to his new position.

“We think that Jack Brown is a perfect for Mount Hope. His experience level is really unmatched. Also his familiarity in the community knowing people and people knowing him is a very smooth transition,” said Mount Hope Mayor Kessinger.

Former Mount Hope Chief of Police Stan Ellison has retired after 34 years of in law enforcement. Ellison says he’s now focusing on retirement.

“As we work through it, I think we’ll find that we have a perfect match here and makes a good team for the department. We feel confident in his leadership ability and his skills,” said Mayor Kessinger.

Brown says he’s looking forward to providing quality law enforcement in Mount Hope.

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